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The Roast Defect Kit by Scott Rao
The Roast Defect Kit by Scott Rao
The Roast Defect Kit by Scott Rao

The Roast Defect Kit by Scott Rao

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As mentioned in the Coffee Roaster's Companion by Scott Rao, the Roast Defect Kit is intended as an educational tool to help roasters, baristas, and keen enthusiasts differentiate various roasting traits and flaws in a guided setting.

Each kit will consist of the following:

3x 100g frozen and vacuum-sealed roasts: an under-developed roast, a baked roast, and a controlled, excellent roast complete with roast curves and their respective settings,

This iteration of the kit features a delicious Kenyan from Kirinyaga: Karimikui AB from the Runget'o Cooperative.  More details on this particular coffee available here:

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