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About Regalia Company

The Regalia Company was built upon simple principles: curate and care for fine green coffee, roast it just enough to showcase all of its intrinsic beauty, and provide a community for all who are interested. Here are three ways we do it:

On Green Coffee 

We select green coffee with integrity: green that possesses no fade nor age in flavor. This takes patience, and constant communication with our partners at origin. Once it arrives state-side, we bring it into a climate controlled room that is free of any external harm.

On Roasting

We like to define good roasting as one would allude to looking through a telescope through a clear lens. We roast enough to bring out a wealth of intrinsic potential, viewed and interpreted clearly by the person enjoying our coffee.

On Exploring, Learning, and Context

We open our doors on Sundays to all that are interested.  Here, we go over our offerings in an informal setting, explaining the many beauties and intricacies of how these coffees came to be. This we are most excited about. 

From our partners at origin, all the way to the person enjoying the beverage: with us, you are in regal company.


 Paolo, Chisato, and Scott