September's Narrative Series: The Expressions of Kirinyaga

September 2018: Expressions of Kirinyaga

150g Kiang'ombe AA, 150g Karimikui AB

September features Kirinyaga at the peak of its harvest.  Known for its luscious fruit qualities, Kirinyaga boasts two very special coffees at their prime: Karimikui AB, with its textured fruit quality, and Kiang'ombe AA, one of the sweetest coffees to leave Kenya this year.

Nyeri and Kirinyaga have been the focus of my efforts when it comes to buying from Kenya. These two locations seem to encapsulate what I desire out of Kenyan profiles: focused, balanced fruit-qualities, and complex, unforgettable acidity. While Kirinyaga's coffees tend to lean towards those incredible fruit bombs, I was lucky to come across two coffees that really fit the bill, and in very different ways.

Karimikui this year had an outstanding production. After cupping both AA and AB lots, I really was quite torn between the two, and had originally thought about purchasing both for the narrative series.  What really made the AB stand out was it's attractive fruit quality and texture that permeated from hot to cold.  Powerful, yet in tandem. 

In a cupping of only Kenyan offerings, Kiang'ombe stood out like a sore (sweet?) thumb.  Perhaps one of the sweetest Kenyans I've tried in recent years; I'm sure that you will agree that there is something quite special about it. 

We hope you enjoy this month's subscription. 

- Paolo and Chisato