• September's Narrative Series: The Expressions of Kirinyaga

    September features Kirinyaga at the peak of its harvest.  Known for its luscious fruit qualities, Kirinyaga boasts two very special coffees at their prime: Karimikui AB, with its textured fruit quality, and Kiang'ombe AA, one of the sweetest coffees to leave Kenya this year.
  • New Coffee: La Julia - Nicolas Ocampo Maya

    La Julia is a coffee farm located in Trujillo – Valle mountains, between 1.320 and 1.650 meters above sea level. It's owners are a pair of brothers who believe in the Colombian countryside and a part of the new coffee growers generation that bets on the rural development in  the country. 
  • New Coffee: Odo Shakisso Gd.1 / Shakisso Washing Station

    Our first main harvest from Ethiopia is a stunner: jasmine/honey dew-like qualities permeate throughout the cup and leave a long lasting stunning finish. 
  • August's Narrative Coffee: Early Harvest and Main Harvest - what's the deal?

    August's feature is a special look into the difference of harvest seasons in a concentrated region of origin.  Subscribers this month will receive 150g of an Early Harvest Yukro Lot #4, and 150g of a main harvest Yachi Kachise.
  • New Coffee: Vista al Bosque | Wilmar Castillo

    Our first Guatemalan coffee of the year: if you're looking for a round, peachy-sweet coffee then look no further! Mr. Wilmar Castillo, still young...
  • New Coffee: Yachi Kachise | Yachi Kachise Co-Op

    Another gem from the Jimma zone: this main harvest offering is bursting with raspberry, rose hips, and a stone fruit-like sweetness. Yachi Kachi...
  • July Narrative Coffee: The Magic of Guji

    150g Odo Shakisso, 150g Burtuukana Lot 7 Featured in July's Narrative Coffee subscription are two coffees from Guji: Main Harvest 2018 Odo Shakisso...
  • Introducing NYC's Newest Roasting Collective

    We are thrilled to offer New York City's newest fully-equipped roasting collective. Here's what co-founder Scott Rao had to say about it: Last year...